Friday, June 7, 2013

I am grateful, are you?

Good morning lovely shiny beings :)

This morning I woke up extremely grateful to the universe. I always do my gratefulness practice first thing in the morning, it's such a simple yet effective way to remind myself of how much I have in my life, and how much possibility and growth there is around me!

It's a very simple practice you all can take on as well! All you need is a pen, a paper, and an open heart to see what is good. I have found that even in dark times, if I make the effort to look I can still find 10 things I am grateful for, and when I sit down and look for them, all the sudden my world brightens up and I see so much potential,  so much light, so much love, I get exited to be alive and to be part of this breathing, evolving beautiful world!

That being said, here is how you do it:
1. Set aside five minutes in the morning to write down 10 things you are grateful for.
2.  Take pen in hand and let it flow :)
If you want to get fancy with this you can:
light  candle, find a meditation corner in your house and choose a nice cushion to sit on when you do this.

I'd like to share what I am grateful for today, because there have been so many amazing changes happening in my life, and I am so grateful, so I want to share the love :)
Here we go :)

I am grateful for you dear universe, you rock!
I am grateful for these amazing opportunities that are coming my way
I am grateful for you universe
I am grateful for your never ending willingness to let me start over and see the light
I am grateful you support me
I am grateful for all the positive changes that have been happening in my life in the past months
I am grateful for all the people you have sent me on my path
I am grateful for the amazing husband you sent me :)
I am grateful for the amazing team of friends that work to support me and my dream come true
I am grateful for the constant inspiration you provide me with
I am grateful for abundance that you are providing me with
I am grateful for the manifestation of my dreams coming a reality step by step
i am grateful for all the loving people that surround me
I am grateful for the amazing guidance I receive through my teachers
I am grateful for the loving community I am part of
and last but most important:
I am grateful for the family I was born into, because they taught me to believe in my dreams, to believe in love as the most important thing in life and to always have faith.

I am grateful.

I love every single one of you.

I invite you to be grateful too and see the abundance that will add to your life!
..and share the love…comment below…I'd love to hear what you are grateful for.
Bibi :)

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