Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ask and be open to receive *)

The other day I was talking about being grateful…
Today I'd like to talk a bit more about being open to receive, because when we are grateful we are constantly receiving gifts from the universe. It's easy to forget to appreciate what we have, and what we are given on a daily basis. There are two types of receiving: 

1) free receiving: what is constantly given to us, which we have the choice to see or not. 
2) intentional receiving: what we set an intention to receive and intentionally ask for support on. 

I know that in my life I often forget to see what I have and I keep asking. It's important to step back and see when this is happening.
You need to be ready to receive and see what the universe sends out your way becuause if you are not open you might miss the universe's unique message to you, and therefore feel stuck. I share this beacause I am often in thise space of inability to see, so I constantly have to remind myself, "Bibi stop before you undo all the work you have done so far by listening and staying open."

Never shut down to life, the universe is there to support you, you have to be ready to step in and be willing to take on the responsibility to live up to it. It takes commitment, devotion and love.

Your role is to be clear in the goals you set for yourself, keep them alive, and be open to see the constant support and guidance you are being given..

We have come into this universe  with a unique talent to give to the world. We are therefore supported by the universe and provided with the right tools to facilitate this talent to manifest. It is our duty to be open and receptive to see the opportunities given to us to use the tools, and to train ourselves to learn to use our tools! 

The practice of yoga helps us unleash the blockages that are within in and that keep us bound to our limitations. Through the practice of yoga we are able to move inwards and unlock, release all that is holding us back from expressing our unique talent. 
These limitations can be symptoms of fear, jealousy, stiffness in the body, improper digestion, poor relationship with ourselves, anger...just no name a few..

What is limiting you from manifesting your unique talent?
how can you manifest some of these talents?

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