Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Turn on the love and dismiss your fear

"There are two categories of love. Love and fear. Love is who we are, love is the true thought, its the thought of the true self. Any time we deviate from that love it is like light to darkness. Darkness is not a thing, its the absence of a thing, and you get rid of darkness by turning on the light. Fear is to love what darkness is to light. you don't hit the darkness to get rid of it and you can't just hit the fear to get rid of it. But you turn on the light and the darkness is automatically gone.
You turn on the love and the fear is automatically gone…so in any moment I need help, what I really need is a correction in thought, a breakthrough…meaning a miracle...and a miracle is a shift in perception from fear to love."

Where am I not making myself fully available to the person in front of me? Where do I close up to life?
Where do I shrink? Where do I hide?

It's about giving up the lower thought for the higher thought. The weaker thought for the higher thought. The change on the outside will happen because of the breakthrough on the inside.

I encourage you to nourish your inside, take care of yourself from the inside out. Let me give you my example:
A few years back I could not look at myself in the mirror. When I did, all I heard was a very negative voice in my head that loved to take me down with very harsh judgement. Took a while for me to get really fed up with this voice, and decide to do something about it. If it wasn't because of that exterior cue I would have never moved inside where the breakthrough needed to happen in order for me to like the outside. The outside, or what I saw in the mirror, hasn't necessarily changed, what changed is how I relate to it.

Now I ask you to use an outside cue as a vehicle to travel inside.
"Behind every fear there is a miracle waiting"
What is your fear?
Are you willing to look it in the eye and discover what hides behind it?
What you have always dreamed of?

Turn on the love and dismiss your fear.
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  3. I stepped away from the mirror as I had negative thoughts flood my mind and sat on the bed and opened my phone. A dear friend had shared a video of yours with me and there it was the Google search and this beautiful photo of you I clicked on it your smile drew me to look further and here i found exactly what I needed to read in the right moment. Learning to really love myself I thank you for this post.