Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mila tasting party

Hi my dear friends,

How are you?
I'd like to introduce you to Mila, my miracle seed. Mila is now an integrated part of my diet musts; therefore I have decided to take it on as part of my program. 

Here is why:
Mila has really helped me manage my energy and cravings between meals, and has been of huge support to my adrenals...which is huge in my life! I'd like to start sharing Mila with all of you, and invite you to try it for one monthand observe the benefits!

Here is a little video about Mila:

Why I like it?
I can get my proteins, omega 3s and essential fatty acids in all in one food, without the bulky sensation in my belly after I'm done eating! It keeps me fueled and full and it supports my adrenals. That' s all I need in one bag!

Guess what?
I'd like to invite you all to try it at my next event!

[Tuesdays with Bibi]:Mila Tasting Party
Tuesday May 21st @6.30pm EST
My place:
email me for details:

It will be the usual fun get together but with lots of extra info and a special guest: Natalie Forpeano 

Don't miss out, Join Natalie and I for this event!

What you'll walk away with?
-Learn all about Mila
-A new health food to add to your diet that will help you save money and invest in your health
-A FREE sample of MILA
-Easy healthy party food recipes

and last but not least…..
exiting SURPRISE ANNOUNCEMENT that comes with a 20% discount tied to it!

In the meantime:
Check out my new Mila, Lifemax website: http://www.awakehealthbybibi.lifemax.net/what-is-mila
and if you are curious to try this miracle seed just click on BUY! If you already tried it and liked it you can go to buy your first pack, and if you really liked it, please feel free to share it with everyone you love!

Here is some more interested stuff:

To your health,

Bibi Lorezetti

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