Sunday, May 12, 2013

Tool number 2: Pick an activity

The second tool is...ACTIVITY
In yoga the liver is related to MANIPURA chakra which is at the solar plexus. Manipura and the liver are related to these emotions:
-will power
it is our digestive fire, its color as a matter of fact is yellow like the sun...aka...VITALITY!!!

Guess what?
Our vitality resides in the liver!
When we are off balance these emotions come up and they steal our shine!
-Diet helps us to stay balances
-positive activity like yoga or any activity that calms the mind creates balance

So what can we do?
I suggest you create a backbone of activities and rituals that will support you from within. It's not about not feeling these emotions and never eating non detox foods ever again..ITS ABOOUT asking yourself:

how can I optimize my choices in every given moment so they my actions support my shine
rather then harm it?
Write down 3 activities that help you calm the mind.
So I can choose to not let emotion poison me but rather move through me!

What will your activity be?
P.S...Peacock Pose or Mayurasana activates and purifies Manipura…in case you want to try it!

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