Friday, May 17, 2013

Tool number 3: Build your Mantra

Here is the third, and last tool to Unleashing your shine:

a mantra is a a tool to free the mind. Man means mind and TRA means Freeing.
Repeating a mantra creates a vibration of energy that surrounds you and creates an energetic field around you that protects you and places you at a higher level of vibration, meaning it makes you more available to be open and receptive to life. In this openess you take in energy, and you therefore shine. 

I use mantra to remind myself where I want to be energetically. Where I want my mind to be so then I can work towards that. It serves an a tool for me to get motivated, and align my actions to that vibrancy.

Evoking the state you want to be in creates the opportunity for it to manifest.
Once I have worked hard to: eat a clean diet, have a calm mind, now I am ready to surround myself in shine.


Now I'd like for you all to go back to your 3 moments of shine (first blog post) and summarize each one in one word.
These 3 words will serve as your matra. To each word you will related one action that will serve you as backbone to create that sensation evoked by the word.
These are power phrases

Here is how it works:
1. my first one was the bike...feeling of pureness...PURE
the action is: eating healthy clean foods
2. my second one was chanting outloud...feeling is of lightness...LIGHT
the action is: doing pranayama practices daily
3. my third one was sitting down...feeling is happiness...HAPPY
the action is: repeating my power phrase
Now in front of each word place IAM

These are you 3 power phrases that will act as triggers and reminders of the state of shine you want to live by and manifest.
Now you know that in order to manifest your shine you have to activly participate in creating a strong backbone of positive actions.

You now have 3 tools to use for your shine to manifest, I hope you choose to use them.

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