Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Write yourself a happy ending

This past month has been a journey into tuning in with my intuition and there are a few things I would like to share with you.
Intuition is a very delicate place within us. The first thing I did was to identify where my intuitive voice was coming from and when it spoke to me. Tuning in and listening I found out that the voice came from right behind my belly, and it has a churning feeling when it speaks to me. My tendency for many years was to do the opposite that little sweet voice is tells me to do when it spoke to me…I would just chicken out!

A few months ago, inspired by my mentor, I decided I would use my courage and each time I heard my intuition speak, I would take pen in hand and see what it was saying to me.
Most of the times the struggle happens when doing things that take me out of my comfort zone. My intuition gets real exited about new things and leads me towards them, but then my sabotage mechanism kicks in and says "oh Bibi you really should't, what if…"
I found that writing down the conversation that goes on in my mind really helps me to clear out the clutter and identify what it is I really want to do. And once it's clear, it's hard for me to step back. I see the benefit, I see the next step happening, I put myself in the situation and I know I must do it.

A lot of good has come from listening: my dearest friendships, the activities I most love doing, my teachers, my tastes and how much I enjoy a meal all depend on how much I am able to tune in and listen to my intution. Despite the fact that for many years I did not trust it, and actually used to think it was trying to sabotage me in some way, I have discovered that when I am not brave enough to listen to it, things get ugly and I waste my time.

I am now proud to say I know that when I have to make a decision and my stomach churns, I must sit down and write what my fears are around following through with and allowing for this to happen. I accept that my intuition knows best, because my intention is pure, I trust that its in my best interest to listen rather then let my head run me around. I invite clarity and guidance, I LET GO!

I have not yet mastered the art of following my intuition; but by following some of these simple steps, I come closer and closer eat day to being the best version of myself. I feel happy and fulfilled when I am able to trust my intution. My tools that keep my intention clear: yoga, meditation and healthy eating, are my number one guidance. I make sure I stay true to them.  I am ready to be brave, and I know that I can always start over.

I encourage you to take some time this Spring to tune into your intuition. Find some time to sit with yourself and find out what are some activities that you can do to proof to yourself that you are trustworthy, that you can and know how to take good care of yourself. Then look a little closer and see if you can identify when your intuition speaks to you, and take a stance.

Choose to be brave and follow your intuition…what is it you really really want to do? What will it take for you to do it?
I find journaling about it, creates a safe space for me to express how I feel, therefore softening fear or lack of clarity…it makes it a little more accessible.
I look forward to hearing about the exiting things that will come out of this exercise. You are supported by me, by you, and by all that love you, including the universe! When you are true to yourself...really true to your deepest self, your intuition, only good things can happen!

And remember you can always start over!
With love,
Bibi :)

** Take Pen in Hand

** Inspired by: Julia Cameron
1) what do I need to know?
2) What do I need to accept?
3) What do I need to change?
Keep in mind
Take a moment to think about:
-the ways you have changed
-what needs a little more work
When you are answering the questions,
listen to the answer that comes up from deep within.

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