Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Keep doing it!

The Colorado River has been eating away the sandy, rocky bottom of the Grand Canyon for about 570 million years. For centuries, every minute, every second of the day the river would flow on its banks and see decades, centuries of life pass. This amazing river and its canyon have seen generations of humans, all sorts of species evolve and pass. Each generation having a specific relationship to it. Despite all this time, the Colorado River, never changed what it was doing. For all those millions of years it just kept flowing in the same place, without changing direction or path, maybe just changing intensity of flow. 
As I stared at the Colorado River I thought of my so loved Ashtanga practice. Everyday showing up and doing the same thing, adding new poses over time, to keep growing. I thought of my teachers who for years not only practice, but show up every morning to be of support. The Colorado River over the millions of years of doing the same thing over and over and over, created a canyon. Was that the river's purpose? God only knows, but it created one of the most magnificent natural beauties in the world. Consistency created the canyon. 

Years and years of the same thing. Sitting at the edge of a rock staring out into the canyon, listening to the wind, the birds and the water of the Colorado River rafts I realized that consistency is the key to unlocking all our dreams. Being consistent and sticking to one thing for a LONG period of time creates an energy field around you that allows for miracles to manifest. what I mean by miracles is that when you put all your energy into one thing, you are focused, you create heat, or tapas in yogi termoinology…will power in every day talk. The universe takes note of that force, that willingness you put in, and holds you accountable. over time, it creates the possibility for you to exert that action daily so you may reach whatever it is you are aiming for. 

I dont think the Colorado River had in mind creating a canyon :P when it started flowing through Arizona, but I know that the canyon today exists because of that consistency. Choosing one thing, and devoting ourselves whole hartedly gives us power, gives us drive, propels us forward. Day in and day out, no matter what happens you do your thing, just like in Ashtanga. It doesn't matter how much energy you put into it, what's important is that you show up for it.

This action, Ashtanga yoga for me, acts as a compass, that keeps us on the right track and gives us direction, so we may reach our life's purpose, whatever that may be. 

Explore what spiritual action you can do. What is one thing you do everyday for a higher purpose? For growth? For expansion? For serving a better role in the world? It doesn't have to be something magnificent, it can be something as simple as journaling in the morning and writing 10 things you are grateful for. 

Our purpose is about giving, so the more you give, the more you receive, just like the Colorado River every second of the 570 millions years, gave its strength, water, sound…and created a marvelous breathtaking canyon, you too can choose one spiritual action to do every single day that will create your own magnificent canyon.

So what's a spiritual action?
If you don't already have one, start with morning pages:

Journal 10 things you are grateful for every morning, as soon as you wake up...

...then start your day

If you feel stuck or have questions please reach out to me, I am here to support you in this journey of creating the life you want, in finding you purpose. 

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