Friday, April 26, 2013

Liver detox

Our liver processes all the toxins that enter our bodies. If we keep our food intake clean, and use foods that aid the detoxifying action of the liver, we will lead a healthier, longer life!
Liver main functions:
-processes toxins, making sure what goes into our bodies is cleaned before it enters the digestive system
-purifies our bloods
-processes all the fats that go into our system
What clogs and overloads our liver, causing its malfunction?
-chemicals from our foods and drinks
-pesticides found in non-organic foods
-hormones found in animal foods
-excess fats
-processed foods
When the liver is overworked it cannot properly function causing:
-sickness in the form of imbalance in the body
-weight gain
-skin disorders
-allergies/food insensitivities
Too many toxins increase our risk for cancer and other toxin related diseases.

Foods that support a proper functioning of the liver and facilitate regular detox:
Green foods: contain chlorophyll which aids elimination of toxins and purifies the blood
White Foods: anti-inflammatory, boost immune system which make you strong and support the detox process.
Red Foods: benefit the circulatory system which aids the elimination of toxins from the arteries
Orange foods: antioxidant, aid the anti aging process, and clarify the skin helping it to clear any toxin residue. Antioxidants are also a must for preventing cancer. 
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