Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What's your superpower?

Bharadvaja was a great sage who spent many lifetimes studying all the Vedas. He devoted life after life to studying in order to get close to Shiva. Finally one day as he lay on his death bead Shiva came and showed him that no matter how much he studied if he did not share his wisdom with his people he would never come close to him. 
To show Bharadvaja what he meant Shiva took three little bunches of sand and aligned them in front of a big mountain. He did this to show Bharadvaja that no matter how much he studied there would always be more to learn.

Our duty in this world is to identify what we are passionate about and dive into that. Like Bharadvaja if we only study what we are passionate about, without living and sharing it, we are not fulfilling our purpose in this life. We have to share what we love with whom we love. Sharing knowledge is such a powerful, empowering tool. By sharing you not only empower yourself, but you enable others do the same. 

I have always been shy about doing little dharma talks in my classes, and talking to my teachers, I often belittle myself in the name of 'not knowing enough'. But what is knowing enough? Will I ever know enough? 
I have decided to do my best to share what I do know and what I am passionate about, as best I can.
I think that what Shiva wanted Bharadvaja to realize is that your knowledge is valuable if what you are learning and wanting to share comes from a place of love, and of growth.

Like Bharadvaja identify what your powers are and find ways to share them with whom you love or with whom you don't love. Be passionate about your truth, your growth, your purpose.

I find such joy in sharing, no matter how little the amount of knowledge I owe compared to the vastness of knowledge around me, why should I keep it inside! 

So here I am, sharing my humble little knowledge the best I can…I encourage you to do the same, because it's worth it!

Here is something to think about:
What are you good at? (your strengths)
What gets you excited? (your passions)
How can You help/inspire others with your talents? (your purpose!)

Shine on friends :)
I will be off to the Grand Canyon this week, so see you all later :P

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