Monday, April 15, 2013

Balance your blood sugar

Keeping your blood sugar levels balanced is vital for both your energy and your feeling healthy. 
What sabotages a balanced blood sugar level?
-High carb diets
-High starch diets
-Too much sweet in your diet
All these can cause your blood sugar to spike and crash. This is what gives you mid -morning and mid afternoon 'crashes'…that time of the day when you feel spacey, sleepy or out of energy. 

How can you prevent that?
I've been adding Mila to my meals! Mila is a blend of chia seeds I have found and now love! Because Mila is an amazing source of Omega 3s and fiber, amongst other things, I feel powerful and energized all day long. I no longer experience that series of peaks and crashes that that really tire me out. Mila contains a lot of fiber which helps to slow down and balance the conversion of starches into sugars.  

Why balance?
By balancing your blood sugar, you not only ensure steady energy throughout your day, but you lower your risk for type two diabeties. Chia seeds slow down how fast your body converts carbohydrates into simple sugars, so they are helpful in stabilizing your blood sugar levels!

Say yes to balance!

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