Monday, April 29, 2013

Breathe and be inspired.

On rainy days like this I notice my inspiration falter. It's easy to feel inspired and energized when the sun is out, but when the clouds come out, the will power to be inspired and inspire others can sometimes fade away. 
To be inspired is to "be aroused, animated, or imbued with the spirit to do something, by or as if by supernatural or divine influence". To inspire also means to inhale. Inhaling is an action we can all relate to, and have access to. Inhaling is part of our every day life. Some of us breathe more, some breathe less, some have a deep breath, some have a shallow breath, some breathe at a fast paste, some breathe at a slower paste...We all have our personal way of breathing, what's important is that we do breath. Pranayama is a big part of the practice of yoga. I have learned to breathe thanks to it, and now recognize its importance in relation to how inspired I feel on any given day.

Getting oxygen is easy when you remember to breathe. So here is my proposal to you: when you feel uninspired, take a moment to stop and BREATHE! I have found that when I take a few minutes in the morning to bring my awareness to my breath, and take at least 10 deep breaths, my day changes color. Sometimes I have to keep reminding myself, sometimes it just takes that initial 'breathfast' oxigen input to invite some inspiration into my day.

How you start your day is how you live your day. Could be morning pages, gratitude journal, a little meditation or yoga - anything that gives you a touch of inspiration....Just add your 10 deep breaths as you do this activity. I invite you to make room in your day to stop and take 10 deep breaths. You choose when and where to take them. If you like to take it a step further then follow this basic guideline:
-'Breathfast' : take 10 deep breaths as you look into the mirror in the morning
-'Breathlunch' : take 10 deep breaths as you go to the bathroom to wash your hands before lunch
-'Breathdine' : take 10 deep breaths as you wash your hands before dinner
-'Goodnight Breath' : lay on your back and take 10 deep breaths
**all these are taken in and out through the nose. 
**I suggest looking in the mirror or closing the eyes as your take them.

"How can you bring more of INSPIRATION back into your life in small ways every day? "

Just like the wind feeds the fire, breath feeds your will to live an inspired life!

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