Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Food is medicine

All of us are haunted by the increase of cancer risks that surround us. 
Lately I have been looking into foods that support my cells and feed my body with nutrients that support cancer prevention. Instead of spending millions on medicines and supplements, choose to be present in how you feed and treat your body and soul now. Choose to be aware and you will not only be healthy, but also save money!

Here are four must foods, which I suggest you start adding to your diet today:

1) Mushrooms 
They are an integral part of our immune system
They contain potent antioxidant levels.
They prevent and stop the growth of abnormal cells
-Types: white button, baby portobella, cremini, shitake….variety is best!

2) Onions
Anti microbial properties
Benefit the cardiovascular and immune systems
Contain flavonoids that protect damaged cells
-Types: yellow, shallots, red

3) Greens
Provide fresh oxygen for cells and blood
Benefit blood circulation and removal of toxins
Powerful antioxidants 
Provide fiber
Great source of omega 3s which serve as anti inflammatory defenses 
-Types: bock choy, broccoli, kale, collard greens, mustard greens

4) Green Tea
Powerful antioxidant
-Method: all you need is one generous cup a day 
-Type: Sancha, jasmine…any green tea…loose leaf preferable

A great source of info is Dr. Fuhrman

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