Friday, April 12, 2013

Being 'Bad'

Reduce your food cravings…how does that sound to you?

For me cravings are an everyday fine tuning process, a constant invitation to really learn to listen to my body, and choose to be loyal to it!

I have noticed that my will power around cravings depends on the day of the week. I start strong every Monday morning and I am real good at staying on track until about Thursday…Thursday night I start to falter…
My mind seems to think I have been to good the whole week, I deserve something sweet and good…not that I don't give it sweetness through out the week…but Thursday the sweetness turns into a believing I deserve to indulge…Friday night I hit my peak, knowing I don't have practice Saturday morning my mind goes bizerk and scams for what "bad" things Bibi can eat or drink….

So what is this need to be 'bad'? Why can't I be a little 'bad' every day…
Well first of all what is being 'bad'?

To me being 'bad' is:
having some wine,
not worrying about time when I eat,
allowing my belly to lead instead of my head,
doing what I want rather then what I should,
going to bed late
Indulging on some amazing dessert

Why do I think this is bad?….because it means letting go of control, and letting some freedom guide me. It's trusting that all the hard work I do to be healthy and devoted to my practice will protect me and allow me to make good choices even when the mind is not in control.

How do I deal with being 'bad' everyday?
If I am craving some sort of dessert, I make a date for myself to go have it, and make it a special rewarding activity.
I give myself a sweet healthy treat daily before I got to bed…dates, dark chocolate, a warm glass of almond milk, baked pears, tea with honey

Bottom line is, there is no 'bad' other then what our minds label it to be. I invite you to be honest with yourself and define what is 'bad' or out of control for you, and see what is the safest and healthiest way you can explore that being 'bad' so eventually you don't give it so much attention and it just softens and goes away.

A little info about cravings...
If you are lacking in minerals or vitamins that can create strong cravings for food. As an example, if you are low on calcium, you might crave cheese, or ice cream…your body knows that they contain calcium and it wants more. However, those are not great sources of calcium because many people have sensitivities and intolerance for dairy products, and you might not even be absorbing them properly.

As you can tell there is no way out…we can only get by for so long with cheating our bodies before it catches up to us…so make the choice today to be truthful and brave with yourself. Confront your 'bads' and integrate them into your life…in the healthiest way possible. Screw up and start over!

A product I have been using to help me with my 'bads' is Mila. Adding Mila to my food, I get all the vitamins and minerals, which help me curb cravings for things I want to avoid. For instance, by weight, it has more calcium than whole milk. it also provides magnesium, which is an essential trace mineral your body needs for the absorption of calcium and other vitamins. by supplementing my diet with Mila I prevent my body from being out of balance and therefor craving 'bad' things.

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