Friday, March 22, 2013

Starting over

"Each time we start it is a victory not a defeat. If relapse is an exercise in self loathing, starting over is an exercise of self love". Learning to love ourselves is a process that takes time, patience and commitment.Last year I took some harmonium classes to learn how to play. Every week I would meet with my teacher, Uncleji and he would have me start the class with the basic scale. 

When I first started he would count at a very slow rhythm and my fingers would move slowly, I had to mentally remember where the note was and what finger I had to use. It was a lot of work. As time passed and I regularly practiced my basic scales, my fingers became faster and smarter, they knew where to go, so Uncleji stated counting faster. As my playing skills got better Uncleji taught me more complex chants but he would always have me start with the basic scale. If I didn't practice the scales at home he would say "you no practice, you no learn" . He was right.

Our bodies are like instruments. We have to learn to play them, to listen to them. And to do that we must practice, just like it doesn't happen over night that we learn to play the harmonium. Practice makes perfect :) So learning to listen to our bodies comes with the commitment to sit and do your practice, do your scales, do your tuning, It requires time, and constancy. 

Just like we learn to play an instrument over time, we can learn to fine tune to our very own instrument! Our body! When we are fine tuned with our bodies we can hear its needs, and we can choose to listen to them. 

With the spring equinox tomorrow, take the chance to fine tune into your body and see what it no longer needs, what have you added on to your basic scale, that is messing up the sound?
Where have you gotten rusty and how can you retune in?
What's in the way of you blossoming with spring?

Try this:
-Make a list of things that feel out of tune in your life.
-number them from most important to least important.
-This weekend structure time to work on the top 3

Where do you need some fine tuning?
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