Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It takes great effort.

It takes great effort to be effortless at anything. 

"Playing the violin, eating according to your hunger and satisfaction, bringing your attention back to this very moment, being grateful. You name it. It takes effort to become effortless.It's not that gratitude, for instance, isn't readily available. It is. All you have to do is look around you and take in what you see. You have to name it, see it, allow yourself to have it. You have to take a few seconds to actually feel it in your body, not just know it in your head. But if you don't make an effort to do that, it won't become a habit and you will go through life as if you were jet-lagged and passing through yet another airport with the same shops as the last three airports you just passed through.We want to wake up thin tomorrow. We want to be successful now. Me too. I wanted those too. And then I realized that it takes great effort--and great effort begins with love. Loving my life, wanting to be here while I was here. When I realized I really wanted that, when I realized I was missing out on what I loved, I became willing to make an effort. At eating when I was hungry, at stopping when I'd had enough, at being present when I was with my husband. At seeing what I saw and feeling what I felt.When you are willing to love your life, you become willing to do what it takes to align that love with your everyday actions. And because we have become so habituated to living in our heads and the background chatter of discontent, it takes effort to pull yourself out of that and align yourselves with what you love. It shouldn't have to be that way, but it is. You can either realize that, and make the effort, or resist the effort (because you think it should be easy) and live a dazed, jet-lagged life. Freshness, aliveness, and the sweetness of every single day are available to you--are you willing to make the effort to do what it takes to bring yourself here?" Geneen Roth

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