Monday, March 25, 2013

Failures that teach us.

"Teacher: I am looking for an exceptional student.
Prospective Student: What are the requirements you’re looking for?
Teacher: Failures! The student needs to have had many failures.
Prospective Student: You’ve found the right person."

Everyone has an opportunity to fail at some point in life. Some of the most important lessons that make me who I am today came from appreciating and being grateful for my failures, or I like to call them mistakes. There is a great teacher behind each each mistake, every mistake we make is an opportunity to see something new, our job is to apply the lessons we learn from our failures. 

Mistakes are the Universe’s way of showing us we are going down the wrong road. When we fail, it is time to re-evaluate our actions, we are being asked to stop and rethink things through. Spring is the perfect time to go through our failure closets and clear out what we no longer need, learn from our mistakes and choose to move in a new direction! Just keep in mind that "
Everyone jiggles wildly before settling into a new position."

What mistake will you learn form this spring?
What actions can you rethink through?
Where are your mistakes, failures leading you?
HOw can you learn to appreciate and use them as guidance teachers?

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