Saturday, February 9, 2013

Creative peacemaking

Three tips on how to be 100% present to conflicting moments in life.
In the "The Warriors of the Heart", Danaan Perry suggests we stay present to conflict. He says that when you hit a rough spot in your path, when you feel yourself begin to run away or turn your back on a situation or person, as a way of defending your position, you should choose to stop. 

Take a deep Breath.

I really like how he suggests we use your will power to bring awareness to our inner ability to be totally  present to a situation. Being there 100%, and In that presence feel the space for clarity. 
He says:
"Take a step back and see your response rise. You can always choose to remove yourself from a situation consciously. " Being 100% present will clarify your action steps, it just really helps to clear the path in front of you. 

Here are 3 steps you can choose to take:
1)Stay present. Allow yourself to really experience what is occuring here and now. 
2)Put your judgement on hold. Let go of your position, so you can put yourself in the position of the other and understand the situation from outside. 
3) Listen. Really listen. 
4)Create a safe space inside yourself, where you can connect and be present in the moment. 

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