Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Relying on structure

Ashtanga is a set practice divided in series, each series is meant to establish certain traits on different planes.
The first series yoga chikita is meant to create a foundation upon which to built.
The foundation both in the physical body, which is what we can relate to and in the mind,
once these two are strong, moldable and open then there is space inside for change., growth.
The sequence is very simple very basic, but requires commitment , discipline, concentration and continuity.
It gives you 3 tools which you can use to help you achieve that: tristana

All of this can then be reflected into your daily life. We grow from little to adults, but we need strong foundations
Building from simple to complex
From little challenges to being able and ready for life challenges because you have tools inside.
foundations to grow strong and well. So what this translates to me is that just like the practice teaches, less is more, being aware if subtleties allows us to concentrate more and move inwards a little more, so its not so much of what it or looks like on the outside, but more of what happens inside. Its a practice that allows us ti be strong enough to go in and from in look out.

Practice gives you a structure to rely upon
If there is no foundation, no primary , we cant build properly, we cant grow

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