Friday, February 8, 2013

Mark your calendars for a Free Teleclass

Do you constantly crave sweets and are not sure why?
Are you tired of always being tired ad having low energy?
Do you want to gain control over your craving and not deprive yourself of yummy things?

I've got some good new for ya! You are not the only one! You crave sugar snacks to give you energy and satisfy your sweet tooth…most of the time though that makes you even more tired! You also may notice that you are not at your ideal weight, or that you don't sleep well, or other health concerns like unhealthy skin, headaches, feeling stressed or fatigued…

Well…no worries! As a health coach I support people just like you to reach their goals, increase their energy and feel great about their body!!!!

This teleclass on March 5th will permanently change your relationship to sugar! Here are some yummy things you'll learn:

-how sugar is negatively affecting your health and your happiness
-tips on new ways to fulfill and enjoy your sweet tooth
-how your lifestyle affects your cravings

IF you are ready to have more energy, less cravings and feel great this is your chance!! :) say yes to your life, don't miss this one-time-only event!

Workshop Details:
date: Tuesday March 5th
time: 7.00 pm (New York time)
Type of Conference
Dial-in Number: 1-213-342-3000
Participant Access Code 8505160

Are you ready to permanently change your relationship with sugar?
Then Register now!

Space is limited so sign up!
To register press attend and email me at

In the email briefly tell me why you are looking forward to this workshop teleclass. After you email me, I'll confirm the date, time and teleclass phone number and access code.

In the meant time feel free to visit my website to learn more about my approach to life and health :)

I look forward to having you on the call!

To your health!

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