Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Undo and rebuild

The past few weeks my husband and I have been clearing out all that we don't need to make space for new things. We needed a change...When you want change you have to first clear out what's old and then make space for the new. There are a lot of things we accumulate and never use, and we felt it was time to let those things go, and add new things, or just re shape what we already had in the house, so It would look and feel different. So here is what we did:

-we went through all our drawers and threw out old clothes, papers, books, electronics, furniture…everything we hadn't used in the past 6 months

-we then put all the remaining furniture in the center of each room to create space for the new furniture set up

-next we went to ikea and bought our dream couch, and some other stuff we needed for the new space

Through all this I had this unsettling feeling, changes are never comfortable…change gives rise to  feelings of discomfort, of fear, of uncertainty. There is a sense of groundlessness that you experience when you are going through change. You don't know if it will be worth having let go of what you had, you can only have faith it will be ok...and you won't know until you do it; you just have to trust in the process and commit to the process 100%.

I think that sometimes it's good to see old things under a new light, give them a new use, so they serve you a purpose. Just like we took the house apart and rebuild it, transformed it into a new place, for a new purpose, yoga helps us shed what we no longer need, and refurbish the essentials we have deep inside.

It's a good practice to clear out what you no longer need, so you may have space for growth, for change. It's not easy to let go of things, both material and emotional. It's uncomfortable to move all your stuff and not know where anything is, it's unsettling to start over, but its worth your while.
If you don't clear out everyonce in a while, but instead keep piling up, there will be no space left for newness, for positiviy for growth.

It might seem like it will take away a lot of your time to start over, but actually it just makes the after part more efficient, there will be more space for clarity.

In my health coaching practice I like to offer these thoughts…perhaps they will serve you too!
What can you clear out of your life/house/relationships/career…?
What can you let go of?
What is no longer serving you? And how is that affecting your life?
Make that change today!

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