Monday, January 28, 2013

Ever feel like you can't stand the little voice in your head??

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own life stories we forget that life goes on around us and that today is not the only day we have be 'perfect' just the way we would like ourselves to be.

Today was a really challenging day for me, there is this story from Sylvia Boornstein. She talks about how in the news there is always a big screen picture where world news are being streamed and then on side side corner there is a smaller screen where the live , last minute news are being played. When we are in balance and harmony the big screen is life, what goes on around us, and the small screen is our life (mine, yours...) our personal little screen. When we are out of balance its as if the small screen suddenly took over the whole screen. We forget that the world is still going on around us. We are so zoned into our own reality we forget life goes on.
Today I had one of those days. I had the intention to cleanse after a weekend of leisure and too much food/drink...however this is what happened...
here is a list of things that, had I been in touch with my caring, intuitive me I would have done differently:
  • I slept through my alarm
  • I didn't make it to my yoga practice, crucial to the well being of my mind.
  • I chose espresso with sugar (cane) over mate with honey
  • I ate a big yummy spaghetti squash/yam soup with amazing fresh ricotta and crispy whole wheat pita chips
All this might sound fine, and delicious, and like a person that is taking good care of themselves. The problem however is the judgment that these choices created in my mind because this is the type of day I had planned for myself:
  • Get up at 6 am
  • Practice at home, and take a warm relaxing shower
  • Have a Mate with honey & a glass of lemon juice
  • Have a nice 16 oz green juice, nice and spicy/pungent/astringent

As you can tell my ideal day was very different from the day that I let my 'lack of will power' lead me into. And what was the result of this?
Me feeling really bad about myself, because I was not able to follow my body's requests. It would have been totally fine had I chosen not to make a plan the night before.

Why am I sharing this?
Sometimes we make plans and set goals for ourselves that are our of reach and it s important to recognize that, in order to not feel guilty, or bad afterwards.
Why would I or anyway want to spend most of their day judging themselves? It's good to set goals, and its good to follow them, but its also so important to be forgiving and to know that today is not the last day you have the opportunity to make changes. What is instead important is to recognize where you went wrong and work with how can you make it easier for yourself. How can you support yourself, your choices, so they may benefit you?

This is the job of us health coaches, we are all human, so even a health coach has those days, where you just can't see the big screen playing around your small screen! I am so thankful to my health coach for being supporting, I hope to offer the same support to all of you that feels this way and need a little support :)

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