Friday, December 7, 2012

Raw creaminess :)

Raw Carrot Curry wheat Berry Cream

This is so smooth and sweet for this muggy weather!!!
Very simple all you need is a cutting board, a knife and a blender!
If you don't have a good blender you should steam the carrot, so you don't break your blender:

Serving good for at least 2 meals
-1 bunch of carrots from farmers market (medium/big size)
-2 medium celery stalks
-1 yellow summer squash
-1/3 or 1/2 tofu brick
-4 cashews
-1 garlic clove
-1 steamed leek (so it doesn't create acidity, trust me on this one!)
-1/2 tablespoon yellow curry
-1/3 teaspoon sweet paprika
-1/3 teaspoon cayenne
-a bunch of parsley
-bit of peperoncino
-olive oil to taste

top with
-wheat berries or barley pre cooked of course!
-a sprinkle of black sesame seeds


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