Sunday, September 9, 2012

We belong to this earth:)

"We should understand that we belong to this earth and go back to the earth, go back to nature.  If you are part of nature and a tree is part of nature, when you cut the tree you cut yourself.  Life should not be working, coming home, eating, sleeping.  We should enjoy life, do charity.  If we understand only what is going on outside of ourselves in a superficial way—what is she doing, how many postures did he get—we never really understand the supreme god in each of us.
We wonder “where is yoga?” Yoga is within us. Our inner guru can be unpolished and become evil.  If we develop certain good qualities in ourselves, our inner heart becomes pure, then Yoga will sprout within us. "

My teacher advises us to not believe we know everything, to see ourselves as an integrate part of this earth, realize that we are like everything around us. Yoga inspires us to find and understand that similarity within.  When we become one with everything, the trees, the forest, the ocean, that is also yoga.

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