Sunday, September 23, 2012

LIBRA love :)

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Welcoming in LIBRA today... As the Sun moves into the sign of equality, we reach the Autumnal EQUINOX: equal day and equal night. We even have a First Quarter Moon tonight, showing us equal light and equal darkness. As we're literally being shown what balance looks like, I'm sure you've been feeling pretty strongly wherever you're out of balance in your life. So this is a natural and powerful time to bring your attention to those areas and make some needed adjustments...
LIBRA is the sign that begins the second half of the zodiac (the half that deals with 'the other') - thus, the sign of partnership. Because true partnership requires equality in order to flourish, Libras are inherently searching for balance and harmony with and among others. They're oriented toward the social elements of aesthetics, communication, and companionship, and have the natural ability to pull back and intellectually evaluate anything "objectively." In partnership, Libras know how to cooperate and compromise, but when out of balance are prone to either co-dependency or domination. The key is finding true balance between self and other, between "I" and "you" - thus, the symbol of the scales.So whether or not your Sun is in Libra, YOU are still dealing with this archetype in some area of your life. If your Moon is in Libra, you are intimately familiar with it - it's subconscious. If you're a Libra Rising, you are learning how to embody it. And whatever area of your chart Libra rules is the area of your life in which you will feel most acutely the necessity of balance (and yet may struggle with finding it the most). It may actually be where you operate at the farthest extremes - part of the process of coming into balance. Remember, the goal and the process are one and the same.

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