Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Real funny story!

Just because we are what we eat!
Here is a story from my nutrition teacher Joshua Rosenthal:

"...increasingly i have noticed americans developing big, beef bodies, and wide eyes. We are beginning to look like cows! We even have a herd mentality, in which many people are truing to keep up with the crowd.
This theory may seem esoteric, but i have become convinced that i could spot the influence of specific animal foods on individuals.
Think about Frank purdue in all those commercials for chicken conglomerate. He looked like a chicken. ..
One client had me stumped....he was a huge guy with very large ears, a big,round nose, thick arms and legs and small eyes. Yet he was not loud or aggressive and was actually very gentle and shy. I continued to observe him throughout the consultation and finally asked "what was the animal food you ate growing up?" "well i grew up in south Africa and we used to eat a lot of elephant meat" he said. I practically fell off my chair!
He smiled at me playfully, and i could almost imagine him there for a minute, lumbering through the veld.

Our bodies absorb the energetic qualities o our foods, especially when we eat meat. Once you open your eyes to this information , its amazing to discover how much it impacts us daily. What impresses me is how sensitive and adaptable the human body can be. We change our moods, our bodies and our mindsets by making small changes in our daily diet. "

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