Tuesday, September 25, 2012

#2 The Ego: The Labels

Our second affliction is 'Asmita' or the Ego! We all have one!

There is a tibetan story that suggests we sometimes invite our Ego in for a cup of tea. To just sit face to face with it, like if it was a stranger you just met, and have tea with him/her. Kristin, my teacher, once said:"Imagine if the voice in your head was a person…would you want to spend the day next to that person?"
If your answer is no, great, you have a place where to start! 
If your answer is yes, then good for you, share your tips with us 'kleshafied' mortals :)!

Here is a fun exercise to track down your Ego and make friends with it, so it can soften and quiet down. I like to call it the Labels exercise. 

Observe and take note on the following:
-labels you tag onto yourself
-labels that your mind tags onto people/things/foods/events/actions/dress codes/behaviors...
-comparative labels (how you compare your labels with those of others)
**A label is a judgement. Often we mistaken our labels for our identity.** 

Now take a deep breath. 
Settle into your seat and look over the collection of labels you have jotted down. 
Recognize the space they hold in your mind. 
Keep breathing, and see if you can find a space in your mind that allows you to drop the need to constantly label, tag, judge. Just be for a moment, be here, present in the space where there are no labels.

This exercise allows you to step out of the small, limited picture, we often get stuck in. When you take a step back you are able to see the larger picture, and that's when you can find a sense of ease; because it's ok, you are only a small part of a very big picture…

Realize the Self is limitless…everything has a source beyond ourselves…
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