Saturday, September 22, 2012

#1 Ignorance: The scale of life

Our first affliction is Ignorance or 'avidya' or lack of awareness.
We experience ignorance when we loose touch with our True Identity.
You can shine your light of awareness on some of these principles in your life:

-The impermanent as permanent:
In case you have not yet noticed everything in life tends to change.
Take a moment to look back in your life and see all the things you thought you could never live without…but something happened and you managed to readjust!
Hold that acknowledgment, that sense of 'I can' at hand!

-The impure as pure:
Find a picture of you as baby!
That is Pure, and we all have that inside. I like to have a picture of me as a baby on my night table. I look at it when I feel out of contact with my True Identity. Looking at myself in my pure state, before life added layers to me, gives me a sense of direction.

-The painful as pleasant:
how many times do we need to get burned before we know the nature of fire?
Next time you have an unpleasant reaction to something, journal!!!!
Shine your awareness on things that don't serve you anymore, make a list of it…keep the list at hand!!!…now think of the good changes, or growth these experiences brought into your life.

-The non self as the Self:
"to see beauty is to see unity. To perceive unity is to sense the presence of the absolute"
Who are you underneath your clothes? without your job? without your possessions? without your attainments? without your hobbies?

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