Wednesday, September 26, 2012

#3 Attachment: I Want

The third klesha is 'Raga' or attachment. All of us have experienced this, we are all attached to something (how can you not in nyc?!). Whether its a partner, a friend, a practice, an object, a pet, a food, an iphone ;)...its ok to need and want things, its only natural. However, you know you have crossed the line when it becomes an affliction, when it creates suffering. A healthy need or want is one that gives you happiness, inspires you, and has a lightness to it.

Here is a raga exercise:
-Observe-what your mind attaches to
-Recognize-see the need/want for something.
-Identify-give it a name and a space inside you

Now See what happens if you dont follow through with it.
Experience what its like to not constantly want /need!
-write it down-emotion/reaction/feeling

Feel that emptiness an breath, i swear it will pass!!

When I was in Mysore practicing ashtanga I had to take Saturdays off from yoga, as it is part of the tradition.
I knew this already, but I had always managed to do some other physical activity on that day, back home in Nyc. Out there however, I really had no choice! My first reaction was to feel unsettled and scared of what would happen to my body and mind if I did not move for a day. I notice I was attached to my practice in a way that was not serving me, so despite my fears, i thought i would try and see what came up if I gave my body rest for 1 day a week.
Guess what?
I survived, my body didn't fall apart, and the next day i had double energy!
Now Saturday is my sacred day off, I like to call it my 'love day'. On this day i celebrate doing nothing except for giving and receiving love!

Its great! I recommend it!

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