Friday, September 28, 2012

#4 Aversion: What I don't want is...

The fourth Klesha is 'Dvesha' or aversion. It is a state of not wanting something…
"I don't want to be rushed"
"I don't want to eat this…do that…see him/her…"
'Dvesha' can also be interpreted as a running away from something, or a dislike towards something. The ego is usually involved in this choice. 

For instance…
When we are challenged out of our comfort zone by a pose in our practice, we may encounter this sensation of dislike :). There might be a WANTING to try, or there can be a NOT WANTING to…
an opportunity for challenge, or a chance to step back.
Both options are valid and great. However, sometimes, a lesson lies in taking that step that takes out to a new ground, out of your comfort zone... It's a great opportunity for growth!

Here is something to think about:

-if you usually WANT to challenge yourself, what would it feel like to take a step back?
-if you usually DON'T WANT to challenge yourself, what would happen if you did?

"We perceive as good that which brings pleasure; we perceive as bad that which brings pain"

To step out of a state of aversion is to step out of your comfort zone for once, and observe what happens. Shine your light on new possibilities. Being pushed around by the ego (I want, I don't want) is a vicious, never ending cycle, which creates suffering. 

You are in power of breaking the cycle.
Identify one habit, and change it. 
Know who you are without likes or dislikes!

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