Thursday, September 20, 2012

Klesha-fying fun!

This month has been all about the kleshas at the Shala.

Here is a little insight…
'Klesha' means afflictions. A 'klesha' is a cause of pain, which stops us from seeing clearly.
There are 5 types of afflictions:

4)Clinging to life

Yoga is said to burn away the 'kleshas' and purify the mind.
I've found that the practice of Pratyahara, or the withdrawal of the senses, is a great place to start. Yes it sounds like a big thing, and it is, I can't say I'm a master at it. However here is a simple way to approach it:

the 'dristhi'... or gazing point, which you have probably heard of in your yoga class :)
**Devote your practice to maintaining the gaze focused on yourself: finger tips, nose, navel**

Now try it...practice your 'dristhi', see if that leads you to a place deeper within and let the heat of the practice burn away your afflictions. These are some of the great benefits you will experience:
- your mind becomes less reactive
- you feel quiet and centered
- you withdraw to a place inside

…look out for them…share them with me…and stay tuned for upcoming fun klesha removing experiments!!!

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