Sunday, April 8, 2012

Interpretations of the mind

We always have options on how to interpret what we see.
What do you see in this photo by Kitsch Fashion Claire Fleury?
Objectively we see a half mannequin sitting on a low table, surrounded by bottles, a mix of collection objects and framed by ties. When I looked at it, through my mind's lens, I saw was an altar. 
An altar is a sacred space where we go to connect the Divine Spirit within us . It is that special place that an individual has chosen to help them reconnect. An altar helps you to personally connect the Holy within you with the external around you. An altar is that place to which one goes to concentrate their energies. An altar is something we use to worship what we believe in, we create a space for it to be, and we take care of that space daily. 
So let your imagination search for that something you really cherish, whatever that may be, see if you can find a space for it, whether its in a conscious place in your heart and mind, or on in a physical space inside your home/workspace, create an altar and devote some time, daily, to give thanks to it, for being there, for INSPIRING you, for giving you a deeper layer.
You never know where your spirituality lies...

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