Monday, April 9, 2012


We always have the option to choose a different direction. Sylvia Boorstein points out, technology is always there to give us another chance, without judgement, recalculates, gives us options. Our minds are programmed for this as well, it is just a matter of stepping back and seeing from the above, just like satellites do for our technological devices.
Enjoy this:
"The GPS never gets annoyed at me , if i make a mistake it says recalculate. Then it tells me make the soonest left turn. Life throws challanges at us and we constantly have to adjust, recalculate. The challange is deciding do you want to get mad? React? Go home? Call someone?...Indignation is tremendously seductive, to share with other people. To not do it, to say wait, not the right road, there is a fork in the road, i could flame up, blame negativity or i could stay and recalculate...
...And no matter how many times i make that wrong turn it will say with same tone "recalculate"."

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