Saturday, April 7, 2012


To be inspired is to be open to receiving.
There are, music, foods, friendships…around us that connect to a deeper place within, where we feel whole. Tonight I was at Strange Loop Gallery and Chris Riffle was Playing; his words, the melody of his guitar, his presence, made me feel whole, something in me relaxed and settled. His music took me to a place inside where I felt at home, where I felt present.
I recognize this sensation from my Yoga practice. A moment of inspiration takes you in, just like a breath takes you in. An inspiration is also to inhale, to take a breath in. Breath moves us inwards. From in we look out and we let this world inspire us to be our best, when we start giving our best we receive the best.
In Yoga we use the breath to be present, and in this presence we become more open to receive and to give back. 
So whether its being open to receive something from someone/somewhere else, or just to receive the next breath…choose to be open, choose to be inspired, inspire.

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