Monday, May 6, 2013

Unleash your Digestive superpowers

Did you know that Peacocks eat very poisonous cobras for lunch? 
The poison does not affect them! Beautiful and light and grand looking as they are, they are able to assimilate and digest poison. Its incredible!

In yoga we have two poses devoted to the peacock, mayurasana and pincha mayurasana. When the yogi practices mayurasana his ability to digest poisonous things gets stronger. Poisonous things come from food, the environment, relationships, emotions... Sometimes no matter how clean and healthy your diet is There are situations that poison our soul and create a shield of negativity around our eyes, and we experience life through that negative shield. When we practice mayurasana we place our elbows at the sternum, we literally dig out elbows in our solar plexus, stimulating the digestive fire in our body. This digestive fire helps us to digest life as it comes and assimilate only the positive. It makes us unbeatable 

The solar plexus is known as , manipura chakra, in the chakra system, which is related to the liver and to fire. The solar plexus and the liver hold a lot of strong emotions such as: anger, jealousy, laziness, will to live... It is our driving force, the energy that pushes us forward. This fiery energy that resides in manipura when in balance, is what helps us to digest these strong emotions that can swipe us off our feet if not attended to properly. 
Have you ever felt choked by a rush of anger?
 Have you ever experienced jealousy toward another? 
These emotions poison our souls and create sickness over time. 

Practices like mayurasana, or simply stimulating your manipura chackra help us to keep our fire burning in a way that serves us rather then poison us.

So what can we do to digest these poisons?
-Diet is a tool that can support your liver and its ability to digest and eliminate poison found  in food in the form of toxins. 
-Stimulating your manipura achakra by placing your thumb in your solar plexus and rotating your thumb first to the right then to the left as you breath deeply.

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Just like the peacock you might just find yourself so unbeatably alive you can eat poisonous snakes! 

Wake up your peacock power ! Rock your inner fire! 

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