Sunday, May 26, 2013

Changeless vs. Prosperous

I was playing with my nephew a few days ago. He loves playing with forts and soldiers…in the midst of fighting and war I was thinking of yoga, and how I could get him to be interested in it…

Here is what we came up with, I hope you enjoy our of yoga :)

In yoga we have three very powerful 'weapons' or tools called 'Trishtana'. These three magic weapons are: drishti, asana, pranayama.
Dristhi is your gazing point, its like the guards guarding the entrance of the fort, aka your body.
Pranayama, is your breath, its like the soldiers that go into the fort, to unlock the gates for the treasure, or the Atma aka the shine, to be unleashed.
The asana, or the shape the body is placed in, is the fort within which the treasure (shine) is hidden. 

The soldiers are on a mission to unleash the shine.  The work they do depends upon the guards (their concentration, fixed in one spot, aware and ready) and the agility of the soldiers (the victorious ujai breath). The stronger the structure of the fort (the body) the easier the work for the soldier to reach the treasure, because the fort will not collapse. 

Through yoga we cultivate a strong yet supple body. Its a constant graceful search for balance between sthira and sukha...a search for equilibrium:

"The word, sthira, means more than just firm. It translates as stable, resolute, changeless. Sthira speaks not only of challenge, strength, endurance and fortitude but also vigilance, the ability to be pay attention, to be present. It is the opposite of agitation and refers to both physical and mental stillness: a controlled, fully engaged body and a focused mind.
Sukha translates as pleasurable, joyful, agreeable, easy, comfortable, happy, prosperous, relaxed. It is the opposite of discomfort, suffering or pain (duhkha). Here we bring in the principles non-violence and self acceptance. We nurture ourselves by doing something that feels good." by Deva Parnell

I invite you to sit on this and see where you are:

In what areas of your life are you:

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