Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Trust that you deserve what you want.

There is a story of a woman who planted some seeds in her garden. The instructions said to wait 7 days before the seed would blossom. the lady did her best in planting her seed in the ground, precisely following the instructions. Everyday she would check on the seed and water it, again religiously following the provided instructions. The days slowly passed as her expectations grew bigger and bigger.she couldn't wait for the seed to blossom... for the 7 days to pass! day in and day out All she could think about was the seed blossoming.
The 7th day came, exited the lady got up early and went out to see her flower! To her surprise nothing had come out of the ground where she had planted the seed. So she thought she should wait til the end of the day..the hours passed yet nothing blossomed. Four more days passed before the seed blossomed into a flower. But the lady was so upset that the plant had not blossomed when the instructions, she had religiously followed, had said, she could no longer appreciate the fruits of the seed.

The moral of the story is that we might we doing things correctly, but when we are so focused on the outcome we forget the journey. We forget to be present. What the lady didn't realize is that she was so exited about the outcome she forgot to accept that despite her efforts the seed has a life of its own, and therefore it will sprout when its ready to. Instead of being present and enjoying taking care of the seed, attending to its growth daily and trusting that the seed will sprout when ready, she took it as a failure on herself.
She thought she must have done something wrong. Yet the only wrong thing she did was to not trust that the seed itself will blossom when its ready to. That the only thing she could do was to be there for it daily, which she was without realizing it, because she was so focused on the outcome.

Sometimes we set goals for ourselves, and we get so exited about the outcome we forget to enjoy and be present through the journey. We forget to trust that each action we take in the right direction is already leading us to the end goal. Its good to keep your goals loose, at the back of our minds so we can be present in the fruits that the universe gives the clues we are given everyday.
Let the end goal be your seed. Plant it with the intention to trust it will blossom . Trust that it will blossom when you are ready for it. In the mean time don't wait. Create actions that bring you closer to the feeling of the end result. Stay present in the day to day process.
Keep your goals loose, your eyes and heart open to see where the fruits are.

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