Saturday, March 2, 2013

Think it, feel it, believe it.

In what ways have you created a situation that you don't like?
What do you want to experience?
How do you want to feel?

It's important to be clear with ourselves about what it is we want to feel, what we want more of in our life. Clarity in our vision is a must. once you are clear on what it is you want to feel then assume the energy of that state. The power of your desire and your visualization of the reality you want to create for yourself will manifest once you establish clarity of vision. 

Journey inside and see where has my energy not been supportive of this manifestation?
Commit to putting in whatever it is you want to get out of it. We must be willing to do the work first, so we can create the ground for our deepest dreams to manifest. 

What do you want to feel? Assume the energy of how you want to feel
Gabby Bernstein suggests we do three things to find clarity. Take a moment and write down:
1) where you don't want to be
2) where you do want to be
3) the tools you need to bring it in

Think it, feel it, believe it.

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