Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Dip it in!

I'd like to share with you all a story which really resonates with me and i hope on some level it will resinate with you too. The story was written by Dena Kingsberg and it's her interpretation of the practice of yoga. What i find great about it is that what she refers to can be applied to any practice you have that os aimed to help you grow, heal and plug in with your truth.
I hope you enjoy:
"I think of it like this: perception is a window. The window has been marked with the passing of time. Impressions are left open it by our conditioning. It is damaged by disappointment, trauma, loss, clouded by uncertainty and confusion. I see the practice as the process of cleaning the window. Each day we dip the sponge into the bucket and wipe it across the surface. After some time, the change is apparent. A clear opening arises where it was clouded before and this unclouded vision brings more light And clarity. It's enough to keep us dipping. Sometimes there are marks on the glass that are difficult to remove and sometimes there are areas in the practice that are difficult and it seems that we will never be able to pass beyond them."

My personal dipping is my daily ashtanga practice...everyday i make the effort to roll our the mat and i pray to my teacher for support. day in and day out . The repetition is key, its transformational. Everyday you go back to the same place without expectation, without judgement. Accepting that everyday is different and you have no control over it, you can only do your best to be present for it. And so you stand on your mat (or whatever it is for you) and you start cleaning until the cleansing eventually breaths deep into you and begins changing you from the inside out. It cracks you open, it frees you. Once the change, or the new opening settles there lies your opportunity for clarity and freedom! Its your change to PLUG IN!

Repetition is key! Days, weeks, year go by and everyday you commit, you show up, you dip your sponge until the "window of perception clears"

I love this story it moves, it exited my soul...and it gets me eager to dip!!

"That window is not going to get clean just by looking at it."

So get dippin'!
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