Sunday, January 20, 2013

Say YES!

Say Yes. Say Yes. Say Yesssss :)
When potential dates or social activities come your way, and you feel lazy, say yes even if you're scared, tired or too busy. "Every yes opens you up to more possibilities. Every no keeps you closed and stuck where you are."

Two weeks ago I tried a pole dancing class and oved it. I decided to sign up, but their schedule did not match mine. The only two time I could do were pretty tricky to choose from. It was either a Tuesday morning which would mean I'd practice Ashtanga for 2 hours and then pole dance for 2 hours…perfect ingredient to a physical breakdown; or Thursdays late night, which is one of the few nights I have at home with my husband. For a whole week I kept going back and forth in my head "I could never do Thursday nights, that would mean one less night with Luigi. But I could never do 4 hours of exercise…" I couldn't make up my mind. The thought of having one less night at home with my husband was real scary to me, what could happen? My mind came up with things like: we won't know each other anymore, I'm never going to want to leave my house if I know he is there…8pm is so late and I get up so early….I tried all exuceses possible.

After a week I had called all my happily married friends to ask for their opinion, I had a headache from thinking about it so much! I even thought perhaps I should wait, despite the fact that I really wanted to; so I reached out to my health coach and asked her for support. She simply said: "close your eyes: where in your body do you feel this decision comes from? what sensation comes up when you think of pole dancing tuesday morning?" Tuesday morning felt like a lot of brain energy! … "Where do you feel it when you think of pole dancing thursday night?" Thursday night felt like it was coming from my stomach, my gut…so she's like, "ok Bibi do it, just sign up it's only 8 weeks"….I felt a huge relief, I felt I had permission to do something for myself, despite the fact that it's one of the few nights with my husband. I felt lighter, I felt vibrant, and exited! 

Some times we really do just need to step out of our comfort zone and do something that scares us a little bit. 
I must say I am so much happier on Thursday night when I come home after dancing and my husband is waiting for me, rather then me waiting for me :)

Self "Love requires stepping outside of your ego, the fear-based mind, and taking bold action anyway.  What is the one action that you know you need to take now to create more love in your life?  Can you put aside the fear of looking stupid and just go for it?  If you want love, the universe wants love for you too and it's working in your favor.  The universe will open the door, time and time again, but you have to step into it."Nicole Moore

I'm hoping you open a door for yourself and do something new and challenging, that will take you out of your comfort zone, and will make you feel you are worth all the love in the world… :)

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