Sunday, December 9, 2012

Our 'inner white rice'

I've been reading a lot of books about nutrition lately and I feel a little guilty from time to time that I am not attending to my yoga reading…so I thought I should start putting the two together…

So here is my first go…
I'd like to talk about our 'inner white rice' :)
White rice alone is just a pure starch and it has really no nutritional value to it. When I look at white rice I see a tiny shiny piece of hard substance, that I like to roll in my fingers. You see, white rice is actually brown rice that has been scorched of its outer shell, and is left with nothing but its luminous inner matter.
The other 2 layers that exist on rice, before its stripped of it by machines, actually supports and gives the inner starchy white center a purpose. White rice is actually processed brown rice, which is a whole grain…whole meaning its got all we need; its full of nutrients. The inner shiny white part without the support of its outer layers looses its super powers; the outer two layers without the inner starchy center loose its substance. They rely on each other to be whole. The outer supports the inner like the inner supports the outer.

The 'Purusha', or the inner self is like white rice. If we were just a luminous sphere of light floating around, we would not be able to communicate with others and serve our purpose in life. We would just be pure light. Our outer body, is like the shell of the rice. Amongst other  sheaths, or layers, we have our physical body which serves as a container for the white light to be carried around and shared, and the mental body, which serves to process and articulate our inner light.

When properly used our physical bodies serve as a means to express our inner light, to use what is outside and feed it to the inside so it can grow and shine more. The mental body helps us choose what to put into our bodies and how to process it before its fed to the light!
Here too just like with the rice, the inner light needs the outer layers to exist and achieve its purpose, while the outer body needs the inner light to be alive and be unique.

Bottom line is:
the inner suports the outer and the outer suports the inner. I invite you to care for and nourish both the inner and the outer. Spend equal quality time with both so they may support each other and be in balance. 

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