Friday, November 2, 2012

Speak up your truth:)

The second of the Yamas is 'Satya' which means truthfulness. I love this word, its so full of light!
When I was teaching yoga to pre-school kids they would come to me with their amazing stories about adventures they had with dinosaurs and super heros, and it was so refreshing. Listening to them I would feel so inspired to believe in myself as if the world had no limitations. Their intention with their stories was so pure, so loving! Older teachers however, would tell them they should not lie, because lying is bad! I enjoyed their stories so much, I almost looked forward to them.

So why am I telling this story?I think there is a difference between lying and dreaming, but most importantly the intention behind whats being spoken. These kids were dreaming about what they wanted to be, they were interpreting stories that were being read to them as their own personal play of reality, both in their stories and in their play. It was serving them as a growing tool! I am a firm believer that dreaming is so important to growth, however unlike my pre-school kids, as adults we need to be aware of the line between dreaming an lying. Who has not buffered or dramatized their stories? No one, we all do, and it comes out of wanting love and attention, just like my kids!
What's important in the path of truthfulness is where your spoken words are coming from, and what the purpose behind them is...Is it for the good of another or for mere frustration?

When we practice 'Satya' we choose to be truthful to our humble reality. We agree to stay in the present reality and to stand up for our actions and emotions. The Yamas suggest the behavioral conduct that should be observed towards others, however we must first find the truth within ourselves and then express it truth to others. It might sound very harsh and drastic to make the vow to never speak a lie again. What if a friend invites you to dinner, she has prepared this meal with so much love, but at the first morsel something goes wrong?? What do you do if you have sworn to truthfulness?

Over time I have realized that often 'Satya' is the way we phrase things that can change a harsh truth into a positive suggestion. To speak the truth is to commit to give the best of yourself, it is a humbling practice! Through truth we find unity, we align our actions with our thoughts.

Here are some ways you can practice 'Satya':
1. Truthful all around:
Observe your thoughts, choose to keep them pure and aligned with reality
2.Be gentle in your truth:
Choose not to speak if the words can harm.
Look for an appropriate moment to speak a truth.
3. Go deep:
Where is your truth coming from?
Does it serve the other?

It takes patience, clarity and determination to always speak the truth!
We use truth to create harmony both inside ourselves and in the environment that surrounds us!

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