Monday, October 8, 2012

Uprooted but aware

Cleansing is over...Here are some things I found out while cleansing..

Organic Avenue suggested to take time to savor the juices and foods, which is something I often forget to do, but is such a nourishing exercise!

What does your food taste like?
Next time you have a juice or any liquid food, swirl it around in your mouth, feel its texture, the different flavors opening up in your nourishing!

As the days proceeded I felt more and more uprooted, if my head was way up high above my feet, far away from the earth. I found journaling, putting my thoughts on paper, helped me ground my mind and bring me back to the present moment.

Are you feeling mentally congested, uprooted? 
Take a piece of paper and let your thoughts run freely with no judgement...see what happens!

One more thing…
I have been off coffee for a while now. This summer we received a Nespresso machine for our wedding... the little foam the Nespresso machine makes is so un-resistable, I couldn't help myself! On the cleanse however, I had to stop. I was worried I was not going to make it through my long days, but to my surprise, I found that the healthy fats that the cleanse contained and the high garlic content of my soups really energized me. I actually would end my day and still have lots to give!

Is there anything in your diet you should revisit to optimize your energy levels?
Revisit your diet and experiment with substituting, changing certain about the foods you eat..refresh your eating habits and update them, adapt them! 

Autumn is a great time of the year to shed old habits to change…observe nature…the leaves are turning red, changing color, falling, trees all around us are letting go of their leaves…what can you let go of?

ps…Sharing is caring...Share your experiments… :)

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