Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Reversing direction

New York city moves very fast, there is a constant need to move forward. Some times its good to go back, or look back, instead of just going  forward.
Reversing direction is a humbling practice. When something is not working out, its good to revist what it is you are doing, and see what other path or approach you can take.
Lady Ruth referred to this process of inverting the forward movement to the delete button on the computer. When you write an email, you can always hit the delete button to go back, and start again. So you write, you delete, you re-write. Imagine what it would be like if you had to write an email where you could not delete anything. It would take a lot of attention and time, a lot of written drafts before you finally type it, it would take all your concentration skills. 
So why not write, delete and re-write your decisions? Going the wrong direction, you feel unsettled, confused, when you change direction you attempt to clear the way. This is a very humbling practice. 

In ashtanga we build the practice step by step. Over time the poses stack on top of each other like layers, and the practice gets longer. However, no matter how far forward you move ahead over time,  every Friday you go back to the root of it all, to the basics the Primary Series. I find this a great practice, because no matter how far you move forward, and how advanced you are, every week you are asked to be a beginner again. You cultivate HUMILITY, whether you want it or not.

Reversing direction is a challenge, it is humbling, it is a chance to start over again.

Today take a moment to see what you can delete and rewrite. Instead of just going forward, go back, reverse directions.

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