Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Morning Experiment

Hi Everyone :) 
Good morning…It's time for a healthy breakfast!!
I dont't know about you, but breakfast has always been a funky issue for me, 
finding the right thing to eat that will provide me with enough energy for a good start, yet leaving me with a feeling of lightness has been an exiting journey...

..so I'd like to share with you a few helpful tips, see which relate to you and give it a try:

For those of you whose breakfast is too light, chances are you'll be eating it up later on!!! 
-Fresh fruit eaters
add: nuts/goji berries/dates/raw chocolate nibs, flax seeds
…plus I find adding a little organic cottage cheese&honey to that helps me feel satisfied&light!

-Tea drinkers
add: Almond milk/Soy milk/coconut milk/ rice milk (yummy foam!!)&agave or honey
…maybe add in a little crunch on the side with some organic granola&nuts

-Juice Lovers
add: banana/ mango/avocado/coconut or...
        make it a superfood smoothie!!/ almond, soy, hemp, coconut milk…

Experiment with new things, that will not make you feel too heavy to begin with, 
I have noticed that taking this first step has opened up my morning appetite for new tastes, which I have never imagined I'd be going for in the early hours…and guess what?
I don't spend so much of my day dreaming about what I can eat next! So much more energy and space for other thoughts!!!

Give it a try!!!
..let me know how it goes!!!

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