Monday, September 3, 2012

Learning to slow our pace&open our minds

Sometimes when i watch a sunset I am able to connect with that part of me that is capable of taking a breath and slow down.
I recently was in Culebra, the island of sea turtles, where I had the opportunity to snorkel and spend some time observing these big majestic mammals.
They sit for long periods of time at the bottom of the ocean biting away bits of sea grass. As they go about their business they seem completely undisturbed and immersed in their doing. There is nothing else for them to do and watching them gave me a deep sense of calm.
Lama Govinda, a Buddhist scholar, once explained that he'd rather travel by boat, no matter the distance, bit by bit. The old sage considered traveling by air as an unreal experience, "you are taken too abruptly from one place to another. Below you, passing by very quickly, are rivers, seas, mountains, cities, countries and people- and you are hardly even aware of this abundance. Traveling more slowly on land or sea, you can more easily comprehend and assimilate the change."
When you arrive too fast in an foreign place you feel alien. The same happens in life when we don't allow ourselves to be present in the process of things, the unfolding of life.
In our yoga practice we link different asana with Vinyasa system. Vinyasa reminds us that We should really take time to be present in the transition from one place to the next, as well as in the asana itself. The way we arrive to our destination, makes the difference of the experience of the stay, we can learn this by observing it in our practice... Be present!
"In order to be kind, we must make time"

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