Wednesday, September 12, 2012

#1 of 3 steps

Here are some detailed ideas, following our 3 steps to get ready for fall:

1) Purification, intention and spirituality: A useful purification technique for fall:

This purification technique, will help you establish good health for the season. It's a 7 days long cleansing based on mung beans & rice, Abhyanga (oil massage) and herbal medicines to lubricate, detoxify and strengthen the body. 

You can find the full package on this website, its great, I did it through them last year!
or if you are in Sag Harbor you might want to check this out:

If you choose to do this cleansing I highly recommend you take this opportunity to rest and slow down. Let the sunlight be your guide, schedule your day around the sun, meaning you get up with the sun and you go down with the sun (maybe not sleeping, but allow yourself some down time!)
"7 days will help you to re-train yourself to establish new patterns for healthier living after the cleanse period."
stay tuned for more...

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