Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My shine…your shine?

What is Energy and what is Vitality.
By the dictionary:
-Energy is the strength and vitality required for sustained physical and mental activity. 
A feeling of
possessing such strength and vitality. Available power.
-Vitality is the state of being strong and active. It's the power to live and grow

I like like to definite it as MySHINE
How you shine? and how can you use food to fuel your shine?

I'd like for you all to write down 3 moments where you can identify and feel this state of shine.
I feel my shine when:
-Riding my bike at 6.30 am with the first sun rays as I to go to yoga
-Chanting to Hanuman out loud while I ride my bike
-sitting down behind my harmonium when I start class and smelling like jasmine

Why do these moments allow me to feel vitality?

In order to feel this shine my body and mind need to be cleansed, in a state of openness and 
When my body and mind are in this state there is nothing blocking the expression of my shine.
Over the next few days we will explore how our food choices affect our energy and how to use food to
cleanse and unobstruct our bodies so we can be open and receptive and therefore experience the shine.
Are you ready for this?

Ok here we go…


-if im not connected I feel small, and powerless and there are no words to share. I feel limited
It's clear that I need to create the opportunity to feel connected.
If I don;t create it my experience of these moments is altered and is not fueling my shine.
It's all about setting ourselves up to shine!


Creating a backbone of activities and rituals that will enable me to feel connected to that inner shine.
So how do I do this?

Here are my 3 tools for you to experiment with:
1) Diet: food choices we to make
2) Activity: choose one thing that will activate you
3) Mantra: use power phrases that speak to you

When I speak of Eating for energy, I mean I want my diet to keep my organs functioning properly.
My favorite organ is the liver, and I find it directly relates to energy.
The liver is the detox master!!!
-our digestive fire,
-our emotional fire,
-it does all of the processing and cleaning

so these three tools help keep the liver clean.
When the liver is clean we can properly assimilate food and life and therefore have plenty of shine!

In the next couple of days we will be exploring each tool in detail and by the end of the week you will have all the tools and you'll be ready to shine!
..soooo stay tuned!

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