Thursday, February 21, 2013

What are you hungry for?

Are you sure you are hungry?
Lately I've noticed that I walk to the fridge more often then usual, so I decided to dig a little deeper into why I was making these unnecessary trips...which by the way were actually wasting my time!
So take this journey with me...

Think back on times when you were passionately in love, or really busy with a new project. Everything seemed so exciting. You felt like you were floating, you felt light, happy and like the world was smiling at you. All of the sudden you no longer felt the need to eat, or to think of food. Maybe you even had to be reminded to eat.

Just like little children, who have to be reminded and sometimes dragged to the table, we all can live on primary food, meaning food that is not food, rather its what we do to fulfill our lives. Fun, excitement, love, new projects, all these great things have the power to feed us, making food a secondary source of energy. 

When we are feeling down, depressed, stuck...our self esteem lowers and we are starving for something exiting to happen. We take this out on our relationship to food. When we are in this place of depression we can eat as much as we like but we never will feel satisfied, because what our bodies are craving goes beyond actual food. It's in these moment when we need to stop and take a moment to analyze what we miss, what we need more of in our lives. What are we neglecting, that is making us take that extra trip to the fridge?

Most of  the times, what we are looking for is not in the fridge, but in the person next to us. Next time you reach for something to eat outside of your meals ask yourself 'what am I really hungry for right now?'. Maybe you'll find out what you really want is a hug or someone to be close to you.
Sometimes nourishment is not what you put on your plate, but rather doing something meaningful for your self. 

"The more primary food we receive, the less we depend upon secondary foods. The more we fill ourselves with secondary foods, the less we are able to receive the primary foods from life."( by  Joshua Rosenthal)
What are your primary foods? Take a moment this week and explore what primary food you are starving for!
If you feel you need support to find what that primary food might be and in taking care of getting it done, reach out to me!

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