Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pressure cooking...burst out your power!

Pressure cooking is a combination of boiling water, steam, and intense pressure, which causes the grains or beans to burst open and release their 'powers', aka their full potential, locked inside.
When we use pressure cooking our body experiences a state of satisfaction and a deep warm sense of release. This method of cooking affects our energy reserves, the ones that are deep within and that sometimes need a wake up call.
"Pressure cooking unlocks hidden physiological and psychological potential, bringing it to surface"

Using this method to cook your beans and grains can be helpful for those of us willing and ready to face our hidden past, our suppressed emotions...liberate our true 'I'. It's like being in an extremely stressful situation and feeling like you are about to burst...this is what pressure cooking does to food ...allowing it to go all the way trough and actually burst! Once the grain burst open it releases its sweetness.
Its simple for grains to burst...we have an innate tendency to resist or pull back, hold on to emotions and feelings, making it harder for us to adapt.

Pressure cooking can help some of us in the process of letting it out, letting it go.

I am on it, I just bought myself a pressure cooker and I am ready to dig in and letting all the locked up emotional charge that is covering up my energy, burst free so I may let my sweetness out!

Are you in?
What will you be doing to let your inner strength shine?

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